discovering atlanta’s decatur


welcome to this it it. i am so glad you are joining me as i write about atlanta’s wonderfully charming decatur neighborhood for my inaugural post. like my bio says, i am a new yorker living in atlanta for four good old college years. it’s hard to believe i ended up here — sometimes i have to remind myself of where i am — but…this is it (i promise i won’t use that too often).
i have to admit that in the beginning, i really did little to explore the city. but now, as time has passed, campus feels slightly claustrophobic and my innate city curiosities are in full drive. hence this post. my roommate’s parents are visiting for the weekend, which means a paid-for meal for me, and a restaurant request from her, as she knows the amount of time i spend perusing menus online, making lists of places to go before we graduate.
so i chose paper planes, a tucked-away gem settled off of decatur’s church st., down a brick alleyway you’d miss if it weren’t for the idyllic string lights hanging above the outdoor tables.
my party of four chose to sit inside, in a spacious leather booth amidst deep, dark wooden walls. mixologists behind the bar with immaculately shaven mustaches and suspenders made me feel like i was back in brooklyn, ny.
we started with the octopus terrine and a side of bok choy, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms, sauteed to perfection in a sweet, earthy sauce. the octopus came with thinly sliced pears and a fig oozing with black ink, crumbled nuts atop. for my main, i ordered the pumpkin swordfish (though i never quite understood where the pumpkin-ness fit in)– a fist-sized fillet with shaved radishes, muscadines (georgia’s very own grape species), pecans, and beets. it was a dish of fresh flavors that reminded me of the last lingerings of summer.
i truly regret that i failed to snap photos of the meal we enjoyed at paper planes. that is a failure that i can assure you is unusual for me! nevertheless, i have included two pictures that capture the restaurant’s romantic setting: one of the sweetly lit outdoor seating area, and another of the old-timey, sophisticated bar indoors.
would love to hear if anyone has been here before, and what they thought. i truly recommend it if you are in the area.

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