pre or post workout smoothie bowl.


this took me three minutes to make. it’s that easy.

1. grab.

– frozen berries, frozen sliced bananas

– unsweetened almond milk

– plain 0% fage greek yogurt

– one scoop of your favorite protein power (this one is my absolute favorite)

2. blend.

3. enjoy.

i’ll usually top mine with a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon and mix in a handful of my favorite cereal. today i added warm cinnamon-flavored heart to heart cereal (not pictured) and also had a handful of roasted, unsalted almonds on the side. this wonderfully refreshing smoothie leaves me feeling full, thanks to the high protein content of the yogurt, powder, and almonds.

and also, please note the beautiful color of this smoothie despite the fact that its picture was taken in the atrociously lit bathroom of my suite-style dorm room. if it can look that good in fluorescents, you know it’s a winner. am i right?


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