heaven on earth.


the simple table setting at our little slice of heaven: a cozy window seat.

last weekend i returned to a little peace of heaven on earth: café heaven, that is, a prominent breakfast site in provincetown, massachusetts. i returned to my family’s beloved p-town for a short few days while on a quick fall break from school. there i met up with my lovely parents, who introduced me to the town years ago, taking me there during the summers when i was still young enough to think sand was food (there are pictures to prove that one).

while returning to provincetown felt natural, it was also different. the bike paths i previously found mountainous were hilly, at best. the candy store i pegged as the end all be all–that is, all i could ever need in life–was full of salt water taffy in flavors that reminded me of fluoride at the dentist.

nevertheless, much of town was the same: quirky, lively, pleasant, shabby, beachy. the landmarks were all still there. one in particular, café heaven on the west end of commercial street, proved spectacularly unchanged. on my last morning, just before hopping a ferry back to boston, i nestled into the window seat of the popular breakfast eatery with my parents. we saved the best for last.

 with anxiety rising about just which item i would choose to order (the croissant french toast, the homemade english muffin breakfast sandwich, and the banana corneal pancakes were the top contenders), i decided to tap into my childhood tendencies and use eenie-meenie-miney-moe to pick a dish. it seemed appropriate at the time, i promise. thus, pancakes it was. no regrets on using a children’s song to make my decisions for me. look below and i think you will understand.


heaven in the form of banana cornmeal pancakes. a kind of fluffy there are no words for. maple syrup and steaming coffee refills to match.

a sweet ending to an even sweeter weekend.


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