lovely links (1).

with little time for anything but schoolwork, i am resorting to some good old link love today. find some of this week’s wants/needs/inspirations below. thoughts?


something to look at. 

i have been eyeing this poster from etsy vendor angelaferrara for quite some time now. i love how the colors blur the rigid geometric structures within the image. go check out her shop online, where you can find tons of retro prints and posters for affordable prices. this one is $12.50.


something to admire. 


if any one could pull this off, it’s style blogger aimee song. overalls are a statement worn on their own, but paired with a white fur cross-body bag and bell sleeves takes the daringness of a denim jumpsuit to a whole new level. check out song’s beautiful blog for more fashion ideas. i’ll just be here ogling over this genius ensemble…


something to bake. and then devour. 


so i am thinking i could curl up and live inside this cranberry buttermilk breakfast cake from the website, alexandra cooks. not only does this recipe look wonderful, but also the photograph is flawless (as are all from this beautifully done site). anyone else drooling over those sugar granules dusting the perfectly golden crust above? thought so.


enjoy these baby inspirations today. in the meantime, i will find the time to write a proper post. for now, just look, admire, and bake  your hearts out for me while i am swamped in work.



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