taste of atlanta.


banana nutella crepe from cafe intermezzo.

here i will track my journey through taste of atlanta, a food festival in its twelfth year where a simple red wristband (for $33) gains you entry into an overwhelmingly delicious world, complete with restaurant vendors and food trucks, as well as live cooking demos, live music, and tons of freebies to take home. the general admission fee granted me 10 tickets to use at the vendors of my choice. with over 90 restaurants and food trucks to choose from, it wasn’t easy. but a girl’s got to start somewhere, right? i started here:


short rib slider with shaved red cabbage and mustard cream from P.D.H.

this slider was one of my favorite bites of the day. the seriously flavorful pulled meat on the sweet, doughy roll was paired with a little cabbage-y crunch and a perfect, dime-sized dollop of creamy mustard sauce.

then i moved on to bricktop’s tent, where i tried (almost) everything they had to offer:

grilled artichoke and aioli

grilled artichoke and aioli

new orleans-style shrimp with basmati rice.

new orleans-style shrimp with basmati rice.

key lime pie.

key lime pie.

the key lime pie was unbelievably delicious, with a tartness to the filling and a sweetness to the buttery, graham cracker crust that was impossible to resist. i was also a fan of the shrimp seasoning, but found the artichoke and aioli pairing to be one i could do without.

then it was time for more meat, naturally. the meat constituency was pretty huge at this thing. atlantans know their barbecue, and there were sliders, ribs, and fried chicken legs to prove it. i opted for the ribs. after all, i had already filled my slider quota and fried chicken isn’t at the tip top of my list of must-haves.

so we hit jim n’ nicks bar-b-q:

the ribs.

the ribs.

the grill.

the grill.

america + bbq.

the flag(s).


the business card.

no regrets on choosing these guys to fill our barbecue hankering. the ribs were succulent, fall-off-the-bone, and sizable– they also came with fresh grilled corn on the cob rubbed in paprika.

not pictured above are my chicken tamale from MI cocina, as well as countless picks by my friends, which included tuna tartare, spicy tuna rolls, seafood gumbo, prosciutto sandwiches, fried risotto balls, and desserts from the two stations below. the first, a food truck called honeysuckle, offered “southern inspired gelato.” while i can’t say i fully understand what that means, i can say that the flavors we sampled were perfection: the peppermint bark, spiced pumpkin, and salted caramel were all equally seasonal and satisying. the second picture below, featuring endless cakes, was from cafe intermezzo’s stand. i had a taste of their oreo cheesecake, which was delicious, but richer than i needed by that point in my tasting.

the best ice cream truck around. southern-style gelato.

the best ice cream truck around.

cakes on cakes from cafe intermezzo.

cakes on cakes from cafe intermezzo.

 after stuffing our bags with freebies (note:  the new peanut butter cookie-flavored lara bars are a must-try) and coupons from the festival, we rolled ourselves and our bulging bellies over to centennial park, where we finished the day basking on benches in the sun before heading back to school. a successful food extravaganza, indeed.

just a little taste of atlanta for y’all.


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