new york, new york. all i need.


new york, i love you. i hated that movie, but loved the title.

i must say, i am feeling nostalgic for my hometown. this current stretch of time at school marks the longest i have ever been away from home. to be exact, it will have been just over three months before i am back in my beloved new york city for thanksgiving. beloved may sound like a strong word, but last summer, while at a crafts flea market, i considered buying a handmade pencil case that said “new york is my boyfriend” on the front of it. i didn’t end up buying it, but the consideration was a serious one. you are welcome to judge me; my attachment to that statement is steadfast.

and while i can appreciate all of the wonderful things atlanta has to offer (example a: i can wear only a tank top and leggings outside on the last days of october; example b: the taste of atlanta post below), i can’t help but feel a tinge of homesickness for the most perfect city in the world (that’s a unanimous consensus, right?). bias shmias.

whether you agree or not, humor me and scroll through some of my most favorite photographs of all that the wondrous new york, new york has to offer. maybe you, too, will be swayed to believe in its premier status as the city of all cities.


riverside park on a spring morning.


snapped this a year ago at the tatzu nishi exhibition last year, entitled “discovering columbus, 2012,” in which the artist constructed a fully furnished living room around the 75-foot statue in the middle of columbus circle. those who attended the exhibit walked up six flights of stairs outdoors, after which they found themselves standing indoors, in a modern living room suspended in the air. needless to say, the view out the windows was a special one. the very edge of central park makes an understated appearance above.


this chinatown action shot was taken right before friends and i had a memorable dim sum feast.


a fun light display at the american museum of natural history.


the upper west side at dusk.


christmastime at chelsea market.


a bustling and beautiful icon. grand central station.


a lookout spot at the high line.

photos of beautiful memories, to keep me going until i am back at the end of november.


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