a little bit of healthy.


my birthday was this week. so was halloween. let’s just say it was a week full of heavy eating. between the foodie gifts–s’mores layer cake, chocolate sea salt toffee bar, and lindt truffles, to name a few–and the wine and cheese party i threw to celebrate, i felt the weekend was a perfect opportunity for a health kick.

as is often the case, those big exercise plans were harder to get to than i had hoped, and the leftover chocolate-covered caramel popcorn from the party that sat on my desk while i worked was too tempting. nevertheless, i can celebrate some mini health accomplishments, one of which is this exercise plan from fit sugar, shared with me by a friend over the weekend. she prefaced the workout by saying she hates the elliptical, but this 35-minute plan made time fly for her on the machine. so, i gave it a shot.

while i am no new-comer to the elliptical, i must say this plan was a challenge for me. between the recommended resistance, incline, and strides per minute count, i was huffing and puffing more than usual. indeed, i found it nearly impossible to meet the suggested strides per minute at the specified resistance levels. for now, i will just subscribe to the belief that with repetition, this routine will become easier…wishful thinking? maybe, maybe not.

after completing the elliptical workout, i did my own 12-minute floor routine that i try to practice daily, either on its own, or in addition to some other form of exercise, such as cardio (zumba, the elliptical, or the treadmill), yoga, or plain old walking in the park. that routine will undoubtedly be shared in another post sometime soon.

in the afternoon, i did my weekly sunday walk (of about two miles) to the nearby grocery store, where i picked up my essential dorm room provisions.

once back in bed, i snacked on my newest purchases: a chocolate rice cake topped with sunflower seed butter and sliced banana, and a cold glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk on the side. fulfilling my sweets cravings the healthiest way i know how.

i failed to snap a photo before polishing off that simple snack, but here is a little healthy recipe inspiration for you (from the same site as the elliptical workout above):

cauliflower crust pizza. get the recipe here.


i made the recipe this summer and fell in love. it is absolutely worth a try. see my homemade version below.


let’s just say it had character…yes?



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