countering the chills.

so the weather is suddenly blustery. blustery  in atlanta in november means that temperatures are hovering around 40 degrees, and that i am not happy about it. indeed, it seems as though my tough new york skin has softened a bit while down here in the south. mere coat weather (forget snow) suddenly feels daunting.

and so i am warming up with a roundup of some favorite photos of warmer times.


warm nighttime walks at the high line in chelsea.


chilled mythos beer with lunch at a greek taverna.


picnic snacks before an outdoor movie at bryant park.


the crowd after nightfall at the same outdoor movie at bryant park.


a light summer lunch, with a side of natural sunlight and the times’ dining section.


sunset runs in long beach, new york.


mandatory oysters in seattle, washington.


a perfect breakfast to be eaten on a porch: fruits, pastries, and coffee.


my beautiful best friend. lounging.


pretending to be a tourist, boating in central park.


a summertime oasis in connecticut.


summer’s bounty: vibrant farmer’s market tomatoes and olives.


2 thoughts on “countering the chills.

  1. Your photos are so gorgeous! Also: that moment you see your blog on someone’s blog roll? BEST. FEELING. EVER. Thank you! (For being a follower? I guess.) I’m excited to check out your blog!

    • Thank you so so much, Erika! That means so much to me. I am equally impressed by The Pancake Princess and cannot wait to make your red velvet beet pancakes!! Xx

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