the week’s links (2).

today i am sharing some of this week’s favorite links, a few pages i just can’t stop returning to.

first up, this homemade chocolate chip cookie dough from imma eat that, one of my favorite food blogs. it’s made from some pretty wholesome ingredients (no butter or sugar) and is by no means meant to be baked. eat it as is, preferably out of the jar. kylie writes that the recipe is perfect as a holiday gift. that’s sweet and all…but a personal jar seems just fine by me.


next up, some bootie (as in shoes) dreaming. after realizing my black j.crew motorcycle boots are nearing five years of wear, i am in the market for some new ones. these three are all very different, but serious contenders nonetheless.

8cb4f5e84d15739e8fb3ef900255c9f3                    07047_BK0001                     jeffrey-campbell-shopbopcom-boots-pris-snake-booties

Luxury Rebel                            J. crew                                                 Jeffrey Campbell

finally, everyone loves snooping, right? well these two recent posts on some of my most admired blogs let me do just that. the first is from rosie the londoner, who lets readers inside her cabinets, revealing all her current essential products, from lotions to vitamins. the second is a peak inside cupcakes and cashmere’s emily schuman’s carry-on purse. just in time to guide you while packing for your holiday flights next week.

londoner beauty products - 01


what are you loving online this week?


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