gratitude and happiness.

how often do you practice gratitude? or, do you practice gratitude?


i am currently making a conscious effort to take note of all of the things i feel lucky to have, to be able to do, to see, and to experience. this effort stems from something i am involved with at school, a program called happiness boot camp. along with the creator of the program, i am facilitating weekly sessions during the spring semester for a small group of students. the weekly meetings seek to teach the participants about positive psychology and the research that has been done on happiness–what it truly is and how one achieves it, for example.

as part of the program, participants are encouraged to engage in four activities that have been proven to boost individuals’ well being: exercise, gratitude, journaling, and meditation. for the gratitude component, we suggest that students write down three things they are grateful for daily for the duration of the six-week program. my co-facilitator has taken this suggestion even further: he has promised to write one gratitude statement every day for 365 days, which he shares with others via instagram and facebook. it is an admirable and impressive endeavor.

 practicing gratitude has a unique kind of healing power. so many of us, myself absolutely included, spend our time focusing on the negative, the stressful, the inadequate. we forget the goodness that surrounds us. i am vowing to recognize that goodness, either verbally or in writing in a journal.

the fast-approaching new year is the perfect time to start.

join me?


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