link love (3).

how about some link love to start off 2014? here are three things i am loving this week.

1. a dreamy dinner party


i am in love with this post from a house in the hills, a blog i regularly check for–among other things–its absolutely stunning photography. take a peak at this post about a middle eastern dinner party that blogger sarah yates attended, complete with recipes. drool on.

2. modern love


every week i read the modern love article in the sunday styles section of the new york times. the articles are all personal accounts that weave through the ups and downs of love, be it familial, platonic, or romantic. sometimes the pieces leave me discouraged, sometimes inspired, and other times weepy and wondering whether my tears are happy or sad ones. here is the link to this week’s article. the photo above accompanies  the piece, entitled, ‘the hard-won lessons of the solitary years’.

3. a healthy kind of butter

nut butters varieties

nut and seed butters are up there with my absolute most favorite foods. in fact, i consider them to be their very own food group: that should give you an idea of how often my spoon dips (and re-dips and re-dips) into whatever jar is currently open in my refrigerator. it is an addiction i admit to and have no intention of overcoming. so, there. as of late, sunflower seed butter ranks at the very top of my list–though the almond and peanut varieties do not fall far behind. check out this quick synopsis of the health benefits of some of today’s most popular nut/seed butter picks.

what are you loving online this week?


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