three days in miami

…is not enough. especially when you’ve experienced historically low temperatures for the past month. does 72 hours in paradise seem appropriate? that’s only, say, 36 hours of straight sunshine! hardly adequate.

i did, however, manage to leave my post at the pool for a few of those precious hours and fit some other activities in. just a few…

a run at dusk along the boardwalk was in line after hours of plane delays, which left my limbs scrunched and my head achy. the salty winds and the glow of the disappearing sun promptly healed my travel-anger and had me stopping to snap pics along the way, grateful for my most calming surroundings.

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i started my mornings like this: coffee in hand, first guest at the pool–early riser that i am–and absolutely content with the silence that preceded the booming midday crowd: hotel guests who were either victoria secret models or their long lost twins.  i chose not to investigate further.

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evenings were spent dressed miami chic. sometimes that meant a (tasteful, i promise!) faux leather mini and pointed-toe flats.

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the same mini skirt was a good choice until i found myself at yardbird, a site famous for its wildly heavy fare. still, the hotspot’s southern cuisine is nothing short of perfection. from the pickled vegetables with whipped butter and country bread, to the fried chicken and the updated iceberg wedge salad–complete with thick slab-cut bacon, avocado dill yogurt dressing and roasted corn and tomatoes–there was not a singular complaint to be had.

oh, and yardbird is known for its specialty in bourbon. that means an entire menu of bourbon cocktails is on offer…

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complete with cocktails of the blackberry lemonade and passion fruit basil varieties, below.

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a feast of that magnitude could only be solved one way: with a deep, uninterrupted slumber and a two-mile beach walk early the next morning…


…and some lighter, but equally delightful, bites to calm the stomach after a fried food bonanza. at the very top of my list? an arugula, watermelon, radish salad topped with crushed nuts as well as a chicken, wild rice, and quinoa dish with arugula and a yogurt dressing, both from the ever-pleasing eatery, the dutch.



now do you understand why 72 hours didn’t quite cut it for me? yea, i thought you might.


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