(healthy) link love (4).

this week’s healthy favorites? you got it.

1. a look inside someone else’s weekly grocery list.


i love danielle cuccio’s blog, the beauty blender. her health advice is simple and doable–you won’t find juice cleanses in her schedule, but balanced living that includes yoga, kale salads, and ice cream. just the way it should be. this week the blogger shared some of her staple food items and i couldn’t agree more with her picks. my regular choices overlap with many of hers–especially almonds, bananas, blueberries, dates, and dark chocolate. my favorites! check them out here.

2. the anti-diet project


refinery29 writer kelsey miller has embarked on “the anti-diet project,” a plan that may change the way you think of your relationship with food, exercise, and, well, life in general. read this, the first entry of an inspiring series that chronicles kelsey’s journey towards a healthier, happier existence.

3. “heart chakra smoothie”


make this valentine’s-inspired smoothie a la well and good nyc blog. that is all.


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