pinterest love.

is it just me or is it one of those weeks that feels like it should be friday before monday lunchtime even rolls around?

whether i’m alone on that one or not, it’s time for some picture steals.

let’s just say i got seriously pinterest-happy on my most recent study break and rounded up some drool-worthy snaps. ready, set…

1. take me here now and i will love you forever. i thought this was taken in greece, but the caption read spain. either way, this where i’d choose to live, sleep, eat, drink, be…everything.


2. a pretty green smoothie, pre-blend. 


3. casual ripped skinnies and rounded booties can start now, in spring, and roll straight on through summer like a uniform. 


4. if this waterside picnic in brooklyn isn’t enough of a reason for a significant other, i don’t know what is. 


5. a dreamy addition for the home i don’t own…


6. oysters on oysters to remind me of summery eats to come. 


7. oh, and i guess i could be happy here?


those lucky seven pretty much sum up where my head’s at this week.

where is yours?


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