life lately (1).

my favorite weeks are those that let me have a bit of everything: moments of relaxation amidst the seemingly constant stress of schoolwork are much appreciated. so are good eats, time with the people i love, and lots of sunshine.

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i was lucky enough to have a bit of all of those this week. it started with a warm walk in the park next to my dorm, where i took the time sprawl out on some of the greenest grass i’ve ever seen, selfishly bask in the sun, and admire the budding flowers tickling my face. i purposely left my headphones at home and was pleasantly surprised by how little i missed them. my walk was fueled by the sounds of crunchy leaves under my feet, rather than the usual picks my songza app provides me. don’t get me wrong, though, my “2000s pop divas” playlist is usually greatly appreciated…

a couple of days later, my zen state of mind was overshadowed by a happy belly, thanks to a friend’s belated birthday celebration at murphy’s, in virginia highlands.

i was a bad blogger and failed to snap photos of the full meal. don’t get me wrong, the food was deserving. rather, my greedy tummy impatiently dug in without a moment’s thought of pictures.

 i did, however, manage to capture our starter: a three cheese flatbread topped with caramelized onions, prosciutto, figs, and arugula. i followed that up with a lobster cobb salad (!) and finished by sharing a perfectly gooey tollhouse cookie pie with friends, just for good measure.


i was luckily able to bookend my ambrosial evening out with another calming and restorative afternoon. i attended a compassion meditation session as part of a week-long program, called “tibet week”, hosted by my university.

i showed up early and was able to watch as monks worked on a sand mandala, a beautiful work they meticulously construct and subsequently destroy to symbolize the buddhist belief that material life is highly transitory.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

with a new sense of calm, i left meditation and headed out into the spring air, ready for the weekend ahead and hoping to hit repeat on the sun-eat-relax cycle.


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