oldies roundup.

feels like it’s time for a roundup of oldies. be nostalgic with me?

rule #1: a wintertime tea party calls for treats. my mother is clearly aware of this rule, as is illustrated by the glistening, flakey, perfectly-sticky apple galette, below. rule #2: you must try all the sweets. i am clearly aware of this rule, as is illustrated by the missing slice below.


my father, a book, and some shadows on the steps of columbia university. these are a few of my favorite things.


i made a cheesy, shrimp-y pasta bake that has the word “light” in its recipe name. don’t mind if i do! recipe from here.


stopped jogging just long enough to capture the intricate details on the outside of riverside church, near my home in new york. this building’s architecture never ceases to impress me.


a trio of salads. perfect for al fresco lunching.


an especially reflective exhibit on the roof of the metropolitan museum of art.


a friend and i masterfully set this table for a dinner party held at an arts center in upstate new york. by masterfully, i mean we miscounted the chairs and silverware settings about six times. don’t worry, though. we got it eventually.


almost all of these photographs are from two years ago, but they remain favorites nonetheless–each one reminds me of a moment worth remembering.

happy weekend lovelies!


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