blast 900.

it’s called “the ultimate workout” for a reason.

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last saturday, a fit friend convinced me to try blast 900, a total body workout that combines cardio work on a (tricked out) treadmill and strength training on the floor. the company’s website calls it a “fat shredding, muscle toning, personalized exercise group class,” and i can’t say i disagree.

apparently every class is different, but the one i attended was bookended by two ten-minute intervals (one on the treadmill and one on the floor) and filled in with four five-minute intervals. make sense? i promise it does when you’re there. you will keep your eyes on the ticking timer like your life depends on it. and you will probably finish this complimentary water bottle within the first half of class:

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don’t worry, though, there is an assistant that replenishes water bottles and also provides lighter weights when participants need them. this feature probably contributes to the steep cost of $28 for a single class. on the bright side? your first class is absolutely free!

back to the sweat plan. the treadmill work covered all kinds of cardio: we walked at a 3.0 pace at a 30% incline (yep, that exists), then we sprinted at an 8.0 pace at a -3% downhill (yep, that also exists), and tried every level in between. strength training on the floor mixed free weight, body bar, and body weight exercises. aka curls, dips, and planks, oh my.

despite the craziness that is blast 900, the instructors really do cater the class to varied levels. for instance, for every treadmill interval we were given a walker’s, jogger’s, and runner’s pace to choose from and set as our speed. i stayed at the jogger’s pace for the entire class, which i happily considered an accomplishment in itself.

oh, and here is the only acceptable post-blast 900 selfie: mostly weights and a blurry me in the mirror. any more up close and personal would’ve been scary. trust me.

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thankfully there was a juice bar strategically located in the same mall, which we diligently sought out for some refueling. i opted for the chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie (shocker), made from peanut butter, chocolate vegan protein powder, pure cacao, frozen coconut water, avocado, flax, hemp, almond milk, and bananas.

it was thick enough to eat with a spoon and reminded me of mousse. i was absolutely fine with it.


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