rise and shine.

how are you waking up this morning?


you’d probably hit snooze fewer times if this was your breakfast, right? or maybe you would hit it even fewer if this was the consequence: for chronic snooze button-hitters, this company made a special alarm clock that donates to a cause you hate every time you hit the snooze button. like the site says, for the butcher that hits snooze, $ goes to PETA. for the land developer that hits snooze, $ goes to the wilderness society.

thankfully i am an early riser who has no history whatsoever with the snooze button. so, this banana blueberry protein smoothie bowl is enough to get me up and out.

all you need:

– frozen blueberries

– sliced banana

– scoop protein powder

– unsweetened almond milk

– cinnamon

(no measurements included because they don’t really matter and because i failed to take them while making this yumminess this morning. i trust it’ll taste tummy no matter how many blueberries you sneak in there.)

i topped mine with a spoonful of chia seeds and a sprinkling of pom seeds.

so there: refreshing and nutritious goodness ready in under three minutes, sure to get you out from under the covers and ready for the day ahead. what’s a snooze button, again?


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