winner winner tofu dinner.

meatless mondays can last all week long if they are always this good.


this is pure vegetarian dinner perfection that’s simple enough to whip up 30 minutes. i know because i watched (patiently, of course!) as one of my favorite human beings prepared it. hey, at least i’m honest.

here’s what my mother creatively threw together in a big bowl:

cooked lentils (we buy the pre-cooked ones from trader joe’s and throw them in different dishes all the time; the legumes are a perfect healthy addition that require zero prep work whatsoever)

cooked israeli couscous

 spinach, onions, cabbage (sautéed in olive oil in a pan)

– toasted sunflower seeds

– a dash of curry powder (for a kick of flavor)

after plating the above mixture, she topped it with the following:

– tofu slabs cooked with turmeric (also sautéed in olive oil in a pan)

– and a dollop of mango/ginger chutney on the side (also from trader joe’s–surprised?)

my father opted for a fried egg on top of all of that (not pictured) for an extra protein kick, but you could pretty much add or remove anything you ever wanted to this scrumptiousness.

flexible, fast, and flavorful. winner winner tofu dinner? yes.


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