farmer’s market finds.

i recently made a sunday trip to greenpoint, brooklyn, where i stumbled upon a small but mighty farmer’s market in mcgolrick park.


amidst tall, tangly trees, i found some of my favorite healthy treats…


…like this super sparkly, effervescent kombucha from a company called champagne tea. after sampling every invigorating flavor on offer, i opted for the crisp, spicy/sweet ginger variety.

i then moved on to horman’s best pickles, a stand with nearly 15 pickled products on offer. my purchases included containers of full sour pickles and lemony sauerkraut (not pictured), and a big ol’ bottle of the best bloody mary mix you ever did taste.



 the instructions for the mix are simple: add vodka. this virgin mix doesn’t even require alcohol, though–the spicy drink has an intensely fresh kick that will wake you up all on its own. think of it as a sort of souped-up, pimped-out, all-around-elevated tomato juice.


i’d say i’ve got my probiotics covered for a while…my digestive system thanks you, mcgolrick park farmer’s market.


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