workout roundup

interning at a health and wellness website this summer has confirmed for me what every fitness expert advises: vary your workouts, and vary them often. with what little free time i have, i’m trying my best to spice up my exercise regimen. that means ditching the trusty (and yawn-inducing) elliptical machine for outdoor rock climbing and the like. of course i’ve taken photographs along the way. here they are with brief descriptions of the kinds of activities i’ve tried lately.

workout roundup

sometimes getting up and out is exactly what you need to start your day right…and then sometimes it isn’t at all. i realized that when i got myself out of the house at 7:30 a.m. this week, expecting to jog myself awake. after running an embarrassing three quarters of a mile, i was tired, weak, and contemplating my breakfast options. knowing i’d feel defeated if i turned around and went home, but nauseous if i kept on keeping on, i decided to walk another two miles to the monument pictured above before returning home for a big bowl of superfood-packed cereal (you’ll probably see it in an upcoming the week’s healthy eats post). this easygoing exercise session reminded me of my very favorite fitness rule: anything is better than nothing.

workout roundup

 part of my intern duties include attending and reviewing fitness classes around new york city. the above pic was snapped before i took a core yoga class at the your movement wellness center in midtown manhattan. i loved the words that lined the mirror –balance, harmony, joy, and inspiration — and the 45-minute practice that was entirely geared towards strengthening the muscles that serve as the foundation of a handstand pose. click here for my full review about my experience in the class.

workout roundup

i snapped this photo on a simple hike through backroads in connecticut. i’m a firm believer that exercising outside is enormously superior to exercising in an air conditioned, florescent-lit gym. when summer temperatures are cool enough to allow for it, i head outdoors.

workout roundup

perhaps my most extreme attempt at varying my fitness plan was at jumplife, the nyc studio that offers dance cardio classes on individual trampolines. yes, you read that correctly. each participant gets their very own trampoline on which they can jump, kick, and squat (as per the instructor’s cues) for 45 minutes straight. check soon for my review on this class, as well.

as for next week, aerial yoga is already on the schedule. just don’t hold your breath for a photo of me hanging from the ceiling while attempting a warrior pose.


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