life lately (5).

as per usual, here are a few memorable moments from life lately:

jacks wife freda

dinner date. after hearing countless rave reviews of the restaurant, i finally made it to jack’s wife freda. i opted for the tuna salad, which came laced with chopped onions, cherry tomatoes, hearty avocado chunks, and a sweet balsamic dressing. baby arugula and a piece of toasted sourdough bread on the side completed the healthy dinner.

green juice

lazy sunday. i ended a recent weekend with a sunday morning in bed, snuggled in tight with a book and a green juice over ice, cozy as ever.

times square new york

times square. like most native new yorkers, i avoid times square like the plague, but when i recently found myself passing through, i couldn’t help but snap a touristy photo of the zoo that is 42nd street.


step into my office. i perched myself here to write my most recent posts. i’d say it was the most ideal office space ever.

pizza joint

pizza party

pizza party. a recent weekend in connecticut called for dinner and a movie on a saturday night. dinner was here, at a quirky joint called bohemian pizza. the fuzzy leopard booths and multicolored string lights were not lost on me, and neither was their onion / sausage / roasted garlic / mushroom pizza.

central park summerstage

central park summerstage. with only a month or so left to squeeze out of summer, i’ve been filling my weeknights with simple pleasures. this week consisted of an evening aerial yoga class, a korean barbecue dinner with college friends, and an (incredible) ingrid michaelson concert at summerstage (pictured above).

check back soon for more of life lately.


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