Borough Market (Pt. 1)

I titled this post ‘Part 1’ because I will undoubtedly return to Borough Market. Put simply, there will definitely be a Part 2 and maybe even a Part 3 and 4, as well.

Here’s why:

borough market



There’s really no justifying one measly visit to this perfect place.

One of London’s most renowned food markets, Borough Market is home to more than 100 individual stalls offering everything under the sun; I saw one stall with fresh pressed juices and another with an entire pig roasting on a spit. Note: Thank me later for choosing not to include that photo in this post.

I’d say there’s something for everyone here, and that something may be white sangria. Just maybe.

borough market

 I was thankfully given some tips before I showed up at the gourmet haven, the most useful of which was to ask for samples….everywhere.

borough market


borough market

borough market

Never one to break the rules, I followed those directions as best as I could: I sampled two variations of blue cheese, cold brew coffee, olives, chocolate-covered-cinnamon-dusted almonds, pistachio Turkish delight, crab ravioli, and Thai curry and paella from vats the size of dining room tables.

borough market

borough market

The winners for me were unquestionably the paella and the crab ravioli (not pictured, sadly), though I suspect these donuts would have been steep competition, had I been able to sample them.

borough market

Thankfully there’s always next time. Check back soon for an inevitable Part 2 post.


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