Life Lately (7).

I recently promised that my Life Lately series would get a little more exciting upon my arrival in the UK. I’m not sure whether this post fulfills that promise, but I figure everyone loves (some) tourist attractions and carrot cake, right?

Sweets. An afternoon snack at The Somerset House’s lovely Fernandez & Wells, where the three magic words are coffee, wine, and ham. Obviously, I was a fan.

carrot cake

somerset house

Transported. Confession: Sometimes I’m the most touristy of all and take pictures during my double decker bus ride home. I’m not proud of it.

london bus

Garden Girl. I’m far less ashamed of taking countless photos at the Victoria Embankment Gardens, because they look like this and are thus worth every snap.

embankment gardens

Touristing. Though I was only able to tolerate the crowds at Big Ben / Westminster for about three and half minutes, I did manage to get this silhouette of the London landmark and cross it of my to-see list.

big ben

Healthy Eats. Arguably the most nutritious meal I’ve had during my first two weeks here, though that’s not saying much; enjoyed picnic-style, as preferred.

picnic lunch

Fearless. Some final words of wisdom that hit close to home when I happened upon them on my walk through the park this afternoon.


Check back soon for more glimpses into my Life Lately.


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