Prague: Day 3.

Prague: Day 3 was a little bit shorter and a little bit greener than Days 1 and 2. With most of the main sights taken care of, we decided it was time for a more relaxed day spent (slightly) off the beaten track.

It started with a light breakfast, consumed river-side in the sun.

Vltava river morning

From there we made our way to the school where my friend is studying for the semester. What, your school doesn’t look like this?






After stopping to appreciate the unbeatable weather and snapping a few photos of the gloriously gleaming river, we made our way back to Wenceslas Square, where we planned to meet another friend for lunch. Despite being a major spot in the city, Wenceslas is not much of a sight to see — it’s slightly dingy and mostly filled with florescent-lit chain stores. Still, we managed to find a gem of a restaurant (Cafeteria? Buffet?) for lunch.

With a faded yellow awning that reads ‘Loving Hut,’ the vegan joint looks like…nothing. The downstairs is a proper restaurant; the upstairs isn’t. Customers make their way down a hot food line and a salad bar, then get their plate weighed at the cash register. I’m talking plastic trays, an allowance of one free glass of water, no frills. (I kid you not, the man working at the cashier actually apologized to me that my meal was so expensive. Six dollars.)

Still, the food tasted wildly fresh and absurdly delicious. I avoided the soya meat — sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for fake chicken — and went the veggie-heavy route with steamed vegetables topped with a sweet pineapple sauce on top, a beet salad loaded with walnuts, sesame seeds, mint leaves, and corn, tomato salad, roasted eggplant / peppers, and pickled cabbage. I was so veggie happy with my meal that I splurged — two dollars — for an additional bowl o’ vegan goodness after finishing this first loaded-up plate.

vegan feast

After basking in the sun on Loving Hut’s outdoor balcony for nearly two hours, it was time to head home, pack bags, and say goodbyes. Without fail, my cab to the airport was late and my flight got delayed two hours. Nevermind those minor mishaps, though — my stint in Prague proved perfect. Special thanks to my lovely hostesses.

I continue to feel abundantly grateful to be here. Now…onto more weekend adventures abroad!


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