London’s Healthy Eats

So The Week’s Healthy Eats series fell to the wayside during my semester abroad. Big time. That doesn’t mean I haven’t eaten anything green in the last three months, though. Between typical British bites — yes, I tried cottage pie, mince pie, Christmas pudding, and fish n’ chips — I managed to consume some nutritious and delicious fare in London. Care to recap?

timberyard london

TIMBERYARD. A friend and I devoured this breakfast fit for queens from the cozy coffee shop in the Seven Dials neighborhood: porridge (note: there’s no such thing as ‘oatmeal’ in the UK) topped with banana coins, a yogurt parfait, a thick slice of banana bread for sharing, and a pot of tea. Beyond breakfast, the two-story café is worth settling in for a long, rainy day. Soups, salads, and sandwiches are also prepared daily, so you might as well stay for lunch and dinner.

blend & press london

BLEND & PRESS. A baby “clean lean smoothie” enjoyed amidst an autumnal display back in October. Head over to Neal’s Yard to find this little juice haven.

le pain quotidien

LE PAIN QUOTIDIENNot that I needed to go to London for this lentil & avocado salad, but eats like these from my favorite chain are always appreciated. Can you tell I like my greens piled high?

mojo london

mojo london

mojo london

MOJO JUICE BAR & CAFE. This corner spot in Soho became a fast favorite for me, no matter the meal.

Breakfast: a kale / banana / date smoothie and a crunchy, nutty vegan energy bar.

Lunch: a whole lotta mixed salads full of nutritious staples like edamame, carrots, sprouts, cabbage, raddichio, chickpeas, and quinoa, all topped off with a generous serving of fish.

Dinner: hummus and sesame crusted chicken breast, a beet / walnut / goat cheese salad, and a kale / dried cranberry salad.

Bonus: the price is right at Mojo — stop by for a meal deal that gets you a lunch and/or dinner plate like the ones above, plus a pressed juice, for less than 7 pounds.

beach blanket babylon

BEACH BLANKET BABYLON. Pop over to this Shoreditch eatery for a dressy Saturday night out. I went for a friend’s birthday dinner, ordered the salmon, and was pleased. The end.

healthy london eats

TOSSED. The quickie option. I often tracked down a Tossed or Vital Ingredient in between classes, where I always opted for the large size of my favorite make-your-own combo: mixed greens, roasted sweet potatoes, salmon, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and a sweet balsamic vinaigrette. Taste the rainbow?

tom's deli london

tom's deli london

tom's deli london

 TOM’S KITCHEN DELI. Saved the last dance for this gem of a (poorly labeled) ‘deli’ located in Somerset House. Tom’s buffet of high quality eats changes daily, but lean proteins, quiches, and seasonal salads can always be expected. Recent favorites included the dishes featured above: roasted salmon, caramelized butternut squash and parmesan, and an arugula / broccoli / blue cheese salad. Can I play those on repeat?

Check back soon for more posts in The Week’s Healthy Eats series!


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