Recent Recipe: Compote

The holiday season sent a whole lotta gift baskets my family’s way, and we couldn’t have been happier about it. But when our cabinets were bursting with enough dried fruit to feed a small village, I decided it was time to get creative and make a sort of shmear out of it all.

compote recipe

With no interest in following a real recipe, I simply combined some dried goods and watched what happened. Into the pot went:

– Handful of golden raisins

– Handful of dried cranberries

– Handful of dried figs (chopped into thirds)

– Handful of dried prunes (chopped into halves)

– Pinch of cloves

– Four small lemon peels

– A sprinkling of cinnamon

– About 1/2 inch of water

I covered the pot and stirred every so often, adding more water when the first bit had evaporated from the heat.

compote recipe

When the sweet mixture looked soft and sticky enough to spread across my favorite raisin bran muffins (recipe coming soon!), I removed it from the heat and spooned it out of the pot, and straight into to my mouth.

You should try it sometime.


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