The Week’s Healthy Eats (8).

juice press nyc

BREAKFAST: A healthy fats- and protein-packed Juice Press smoothie for a post-Barry’s Bootcamp snack. This one is full of bananas, hemp protein, almonds, coconut, kale, chia. The list goes on.

healthy homemade lunch

LUNCH: A super light lunch of sautéed salt and pepper shrimp, avocado cubes, carrot and cucumber sticks, and salsa for quadruple dipping (guilty).

healthy dinner recipe for one

DINNER: The messier and greener, the better. This combo bowl consisted of tri-color quinoa, sautéed tofu cubes and sweet onions, and steamed kale. Toppings were soy sauce and my absolute favorite new snack: “Crispy Crunchy Broccoli Florets” from Trader Joe’s. I challenge you to refrain from eating the entire bag in one sitting.

Check back soon for more another week’s healthy eats!


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