New York (Real Quick).

So I’m back home for a hot second, trying to relax after a flight mishap, get pesky school work done, have some kind of fun, and lock down a summer job. All at the same time.

Attempt#1 at relaxation: a trip to the newly opened Yoga To The People on the Upper West Side. The space is a dream come true of sorts. As open and naturally-lit as one could hope for, the brand spanking new studio proved a perfect oasis for me on a recent Sunday evening. Power Vinyasa party, anyone?

yoga to the people nyc

All chaturanga-ed out, I made my way downtown for a job interview, followed by some Meatpacking perusing. I wandered my way into Gansevoort Market, where I surveyed the vendors with wide eyes and some serious salivation.

gansevoort market nyc

gansevoort market nyc

Other NYC eats included this brilliantly balanced plate from a new neighborhood find, Arco Café. Crispy salmon filet atop cooked kale and a silky beet purée.

healthy food nyc

Despite my barely five full days in New York, I managed to sneak up to Connecticut for 24 hours, where I layered up and managed a winter workout, only shivering slightly as I trekked through untouched snow, past views like this one:

winter whites

So, yesterday in Connecticut, today in New York, and tomorrow in Miami. I guess I like to move it move it.


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