Party In The City Where The Heat Is On

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t up all night on the beach ’till the break of dawn during my most recent trip to Miami. (My apologies, Will Smith.) But it was a stellar stint in the heat and humidity nonetheless.

miami blog

If you remember from last year, I start my days early on vacation. Sometimes that means running along the beach for a sweat session…

the w south beach

…and sometimes it means getting to the pool at 8am and not moving until lunchtime. I would bring down provisions and balance my Chobani / banana / granola on my lap as I sprawled out on my lounge, so as not to lose any of the Miami morning glory.

the dutch miami

Interruptions to my lounging extravaganza were minimal. Except maybe to grab a complimentary coffee (or three) from the hotel’s bar (featured above), or for lunches, dinners, and sleep. Good news: those lunches and dinners were so memorable wonderful do-over-able excellent that they’re getting their very own post in the very near future. Stay hungry, stay tuned.

the edition miami

Admittedly, I managed to sneak in some hotel envy. I checked out the neighborhood digs, including the retro lobby at The Raleigh and the bumping bar (+ bowling alley + indoor ice skating rink!?) at The Miami Beach EDITION, above. Not too shabby.

miami design district

Also checked off my to-do list: a quick stroll through Miami’s up and coming design district. The neighborhood had me ooh-ing at green walls like this one…

mandolin aegean bistro miami

…and wishing I could snag adorable green lanterns (not of the superhero variety) off restaurant tabletops. Oh, I can’t pack that in my carry-on? Oh.

Check back soon for the drool fest that will be my Miami food recs post. You probably definitely won’t want to miss it.


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