Saturday Shop.

Disclaimer: I recognize that I may be the only one who thinks a trip to a grocery store deserves its own blog post, and that I may have been the only shopper of the (likely) hundreds at the market who snapped photos in the produce aisles.


This here is a quickie chronicle of a flawless Saturday food shop at Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

farmer's market atl

What is it? Basically a Costco-sized food superstore extraordinaire. So, yeah.

Its ‘farmer’s market’ label isn’t entirely applicable, as the store is massive, indoors, and carries a number of brand-name products. Indeed, I was able to pick up bagged mixed greens from a local farm that had been packaged that morning, but don’t expect to wander through with a wicker basket in one hand and a freshly cut bouquet in the other. Dekalb Farmer’s Market shoppers mean business.

farmer's market atl

The place was vaguely reminiscent of Grand Central Station with its bustling crowds. No trains, though. Instead, people swarmed through the aisles, reveling in their Saturday freedom, reaching for Japanese sweet potatoes and pineapples galore. Or maybe that was just me…

farmer's market atl

Added bonus: the prices at the Market are considerably lower than those at other local stores. I spent less than I ever do at Publix, where I generally go weekly for a far less pleasant grocery experience.

farmer's market atl

The market also has a cafeteria-style buffet area, where shoppers can make a plate or takeaway box from a variety of prepped foods. Admittedly, it was the kind of set-up my mother would question for its cleanliness, but friends and I were thrilled when our full plates came to just five dollars each. We tried a wild rice medley with almonds and dried cranberries, teriyaki glazed tofu, shredded beet salad, vegetable curry stew, and a tabouli salad, among other yummy offerings.

farmer's market atl

The market’s biggest flaw is its rule that you can’t bring shopping carts into the parking lot. I struggled to carry all eight of my grocery bags to the car, but thereafter decided that the loot was worth it. Favorite items included the market’s super garlicky homemade hummus, juicy medjool dates, organic spelt pretzels, roasted red peppers, and baby parsnips, which I baked along with carrots to make healthified fries later that evening.

If you’re in the area, Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market is worth a trip. If not for its low prices, then definitely for its questionably hygienic, but delicious buffet.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Shop.

  1. It is an awesome store/farmers market, indeed!! And definitely worthy of the post and pics! 😉 I wouldn’t dare set foot in there on the weekend, but good for you for braving the crowds! 😀

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