What’s Working (Out) For Me

A low key finals schedule had me searching for ways to fill the days at the close of this semester. With high summer temps fast approaching, I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and get up and out for a variety of workouts. Here’s a recap of my favorite recent sweat sessions:

piedmont park

A 3-mile run through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. My favorite route consists of the 1-mile dirt path that wraps around the park’s lake and offers peeks at the city’s skyline between super lush trees.

free yoga atlanta

Yoga at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark, hosted by King of Pops. The event, open to the public and free of charge (!), takes place every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Basically a flawless way to wind down your workday.

blast 900

The ultimate workout, indeed. Remember when I tried Blast 900 last year? I returned for an encore and was (not surprisingly) wiped out once again. The class combines treadmill intervals with strength training for a high intensity session. Be prepared to take a rest day (or three) afterward.

nyc 10k

Some 12 hours after arriving in NYC from ATL, I made my way to Roosevelt Island for a Mother’s Day 10k. I snapped this pic post-race: dripping in sweat and with goodies (free samples of chai-flavored roasted almonds and a superwoman-themed race tee) in hand. Can you say #victory?

hudson river workout

After sitting still for what felt like forever during two days of jury duty service, I needed to get moving. So, I took my bike along the Hudson River for an easy 8-mile ride in the evening, then parked myself on a bench and basked in the sun until it set. *Sigh*

What’s working (out) for you lately?


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