some summer moments.

Summer moments are usually (always) the best kinds of moments. Here are a few of my recent favorites; fitness, food, and flowers are — not surprisingly — all included. As per usual, scroll happy!

yoga to the people NYC

A colorful moment at Yoga to the People, one of my favorite places to work out and wind down at the same time. It’s a win, win.

healthy snack bread feta

Pre-dinner bites. Whole grain bread with salty, sliced feta.

purple flowers country weekend

Purple pretties on some country weekend.

summer radishes

The most vibrant radishes, before they were added to my most favorite salad recipe from The Crunchy Radish. A must-try. Seriously, right now.

classic car country weekend

A classic ride spotted in Connecticut.

grilled chicken summer

Chicken on the barbeque, grill marks and all. As it should be. (Sorry veg readers.)

july 4th crafts

FOJ things. Sparkly stars and ribbon-y stripes.

summer hike healthy

“Not all who wander are lost,” said someone. This photo (taken on a healthy hike in the country) reminds me of those wise words.

What have your summer moments looked like lately?


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