Life Lately (14).

A handful of life lately’s beautiful moments, appreciated and documented.

west village nyc

A West Village side street alllllll to myself.

wine bar nyc

A wine bar date with one of my favorite humans. Not pictured: prosecco and the marinated seafood + Ceasar salads we shared on the mezzanine while we watched over diners below.

perla nyc

perla nyc

Snaps from a memorable meal at Perla on a recent Sunday night. Note to self: recreate the restaurant’s interiors in my own future living space. Loved the aesthetic. And the food. Favorites included a zucchini app with fried capers + the olive oil cake we shared for dessert.

hudson river greenway nyc

How do you get your 10k steps a day? After sitting at a desk for eight hours, I love walking by the Hudson River where it’s easy, breezy, beautiful. Ya feel?

Check back soon for more of Life Lately!


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