Weekend Wonders.

Something about the summer months make weekends more of a wonder than their wintery counterparts. Rather than hibernating, feeling proud if I even make it out of my apartment and onto the icy city streets, I spend hours outdoors my with toes in the grass and sticky, sunscreen-ed limbs hanging loose from chaise lounges. To me, these warmer weekends are little pieces of perfection that deserve documentation. Here are moments from a recent one spent upstate, in Hudson Valley, NY, with close friends.

metronorth travels

Though my journey began on a steamy MetroNorth train platform, I quickly found myself in places less industrial, more green, and as spacious as one could hope for:

hudson, ny

hudson, ny

The wide-open roads proved breeding grounds for early morning jogs and late-afternoon bike rides. We took full advantage.


farmer's market veggies

The weekend  was equally busy with eating + cooking, largely with veggies from a neighbor’s garden, where we got to pick anything and everything our healthy hearts desired — and meat from a local farm down the road. Pictured above: our farm- fresh loot including carrots, scallions, zucchini, and parsley, as well as sweet and plump baby tomatoes, enjoyed picnic style.

happy hour picnic


Of course drinks were also in order…in particular, champagne at cocktail hour and strong, black coffee for the morning after.

moto hudson ny

moto hudson ny

Sunday consisted of a drive into town, where we wandered into shops like Moto, a motorcycle store + coffee bar rolled into one, so you can buy a bike while sipping a latte. We skipped the bike part and bought lattes only, in case you were wondering.


Sufficiently fueled, we headed to a yoga class followed by lunch at Bonfiglio & Bread, a bakery / café with dynamite dishes like the one pictured above: smoked salmon with mixed tomatoes, edible flowers, and dill over a bed of savory yogurt that was seasonal and satisfying all over. Friends were equally impressed by their orders: a smoked salmon bialy and a poached egg bowl packed with hearty avocado chunks and crispy quinoa croutons (say that three times).

Other drool-worthy weekend meals included a buckwheat-crusted quiche, a garlicky-as-can-be white bean dip enjoyed with raw kohlrabi sticks, hamburgers grilled ’till crispy, and sweet local corn. Finally, because it was a birthday weekend for my hostess with the mostest, sweets were a must: sea salt chocolate chip cookies and Tiffany-blue frosted cupcakes, to be exact.

All in all, a weekend well spent now bringing a week of nostalgic content. What have your weekend wonders looked like this summer?


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