Life Lately (16).

Bits + pieces of Life Lately. Feeling grateful as ever to experience such breathtaking places with such beautiful people.

miusa brooklyn

miusa brooklyn

Scenes from a wonderful Friday night spent at Miusa, a wine bar and restaurant in Williamsburg. The food (think small plates of juicy peaches topped with cream cheese, pistachios, and honey) and cocktails (ahem, blackberry mojitos) were on point, and the rooftop dining option was indescribably picturesque. I might just move in there.

grand central nyc

A quick trip on a Metronorth train brought me to Westchester. But first, Grand Central had to be documented.

chappaqua farmer's market

chappaqua farmer's market

First on my agenda was a local farmer’s market, where the tomatoes on offer were perfectly imperfect.

bridge views

 bridge views

bridge views

Next up was a quick run on the greenest of paths, that ended on a bridge overlooking a gleaming body of water. ‘Twas a Sunday sweat session of the highest quality.

Check back soon for more of Life Lately!


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