The Week’s Healthy Eats (17).

breakfast bowling

BREAKFAST: A classic — 0% plain Fage Greek yogurt with banana coins, creamy raw almond butter, crumbled 2-ingredient breakfast cookies + cinnamon + honey.

sweetgreen wastED salad

LUNCH: The wastED salad from Sweetgreen, a collaboration with Blue Hill at Stone Barns (first photo at the link is from my visit to the renowned agricultural center last summer) that aims to educate by showing that ingredients that are normally thrown away can be delicious, too. So, roasted broccoli stalks, kale stems, cabbage cores, carrot peels, and bread butts (for croutons) are the mainstays in this salad, along with some less afterthought-y additions, like shaved parmesan, spiced sunflower seeds, and a pesto vinaigrette. Waste not!

random healthy dinner

DINNER: Bits and pieces of a random, clean-out-the-fridge dinner of gingered carrot salad with raisins and a tangy apple cider vinegar dressing, a scrambled (super yellow) farm egg, and other non-pictured noshes, including a garlicky basil + white bean dip and a barley / caramelized onion / corn medley.

Check back soon for another week’s healthy eats!


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