BodyOM Product Highlight .

It’s no secret that I pretty much live on nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Every breakfast includes toasted nuts or almond butter sprinkled or swirled into a bowl of cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal. That bowl is usually studded with chopped dates or raisins. Later in the day, grains and salads are often sprinkled with seeds — pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, chia, whateva. Needless to say, BodyOM’s monthly subscription service, which offers raw and organic nuts, seeds, and fruit snacks delivered right to your door, sounded A OK to me.

The brand allows subscribers to customize their $24 box each month, choosing 12 mini packages from 17 different options that are sourced from, well, all over the place. Think Himalayan raisins, Mediterranean pignolia (pine nuts), and Brazil nuts from the Amazon Forest.


My picks included 2 packages of each of the following: extra-noir Turkish apricots, unpasteurized Sicilian almonds, plump Turkish figs, Sri-Lankan cashews & English walnut halves, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, and whole Deglet Noor dates.


Verdict as to favorites? Top three definitely include the super plump apricots and figs, as well as the smooth and rich cashews. And while the dates were less meaty than my usual go-to variety (Medjool), they fared just fine when chopped up into my morning oatmeal along with pumpkin butter galore.


healthy snack idea bodyOM

Of course, the seeds made their way onto my snack plate, as well. Above: a brown rice cake topped with smashed avocado, BodyOM’s pumpkin & sunflower seed blend, and a heavy dousing of lemon juice.

healthy snack idea bodyOM

And just for good (sweet) measure, one more snack idea: brown rice cake topped with raw, creamy almond butter, slices o’ BodyOM’s plump Turkish figs, and honey.

BodyOM’s mantra: “When consumed raw, dried fruits and nuts pack a winning combination of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats—all of which allow you to function at peak performance every day.”

 The brand also emphasizes that not all calories are created equal, and that the right kinds of fats should be consumed, not shunned.

Who else agrees?


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