ClassPass Love.

Recapping highlights from when I tried ClassPass for a month and fell in love a little bit.

For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, here’s the Cliffs Notes version: ClassPass allows members to explore unlimited exercise classes in their city for a set monthly price. Class types range from barre to martial arts to pilates to dance, and everything in between. The only caveat — each studio can only be visited three times in the course of one month. Otherwise, all bets are off. (Really, you could take four classes a day if you wanted, but that would be nutty.) ClassPass is currently available in 29 U.S. cities, with monthly membership rates subject to change depending on the locale. Shocker of the year: NYC boasts the highest rate, at $125.00 per month.

So, with way too much free time on my hands during a month-long break from school, I was able to sweat it out at studios I’ve been wanting to try but not wanting to regularly spend exorbitant amounts of $$$ at, thanks to ClassPass.

Here’s a rundown of some of the places I tried during that month.

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Pop Physique. This boutique-y studio in the West 20’s occupied an awesome space. Renderings of fishnet-stockinged legs danced along the wallpaper that lined the room and resistance bands, balls, and weights were magenta and purple. ‘Twas was a good barre workout to match, with all your standard groups worked, including arms, legs, seat, and core. Expect a whole lot of arm reps with light weights and a burn that’ll stick with you through the next day (or two, if you’re me).

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Mile High Run Club. This studio’s Dash 28 class was some kind of wonderful for me. After not having run since, oh, May, I was hesitant to hop back on a treadmill. Thankfully, this 45-minute class combined 28 minutes of treadmill intervals with strength training exercises on the floor — just what I needed to ease back in. What’s more, each tread had a pace guide, so runners could choose to follow a jogger’s or sprinter’s speed (or a mix) for their 28 minutes on the machine. I wasn’t a huge fan of the kettlebells section of class (the strength training portion, done on the floor during the last few minutes of class), but the studio’s bomb soundtrack and ambient lighting made up for it by making the space clubby enough to make me forget I was doing weighted squats. Always appreciated.

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Physique57. Unlike most barre studios, Physique57 offers nine different types of classes. I tried their beginner class on account of my newbie-ness and the fact that they require clients to take five beginner classes before trying any of the others. Challenging despite its title, the class worked thighs heavy, with leg portions of the workout done both at the barre and on the floor. Also, though the studio space itself wasn’t particularly memorable, the UWS building that housed it was. Hence why I took a photo of the lobby..

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Flywheel. / Flybarre. Cycling junkies have probably tried their hand (or foot?) at Flywheel already. A Flywheel and Flybarre virgin, I tried both the studio’s cycling and barre classes while home. Things I liked: Flywheel’s integration of weighted bars during class for a hit of strength training and toning during its 45 minutes of mostly-cardio, as well as Flybarre’s use of resistance bands during its core portion of class. Of all the barre classes I’ve tried, Flybarre’s left me the sorest by far.

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Y7. This studio’s vibes put it at the top of list. Bottom line: Y7’s candle-lit hot vinyasa practice is set to beats by artists like Lupe Fiasco and Biggie, and with no lights or mirrors in the studio, yogis are left to sweat it out in their zone while instructors cue flows. It’s definitely not your mama’s vinyasa. Perfect for those looking to sweat to sick music without even a moment of cardio. Count me in.

Other studios I tried but didn’t take photos at included Barry’s Bootcamp, 24Hour Fitness, Circuit of Change, Bikram Yoga NYC, Cyc, Peloton, and Pure Barre. Of those, favorites were unquestionably Barry’s and Cyc.

That I’ll ever have the time and energy to work out this often again is highly unlikely, but it was indeed fun (and sweaty) while it lasted. No doubt I’ll be rejoining once I’m back in NYC for good. At the top of my list to try next? You better believe it’s a Bollywood dance class.

P.S. If you like my recaps, be sure to check out my articles on the soon-to-be-live The Sweat Scene, where I’ll regularly contribute class reviews. Read up!


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