Life Lately (24).

College makes one accustomed to having a mere three hours of the day occupied. With some two classes a day, I had a freakish number of free hours at my disposal. How I spent those hours continues to stump me, but I had them nonetheless. So now that I have a 9-5:30 internship schedule, I’m far more conscious of the time I have for myself and how I can best spend it. In short, I’m attempting to make the most of my far less open days. Here’s how.

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I’ve found myself in a committed relationship with my local Yoga to the People studio, where I head for quick vinyasa practices when I can.

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I continue to walk my way through the city’s diverse ‘hoods. From the pristine Upper East Side, pictured above, to Prospect Park.

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I’ve wandered over to the Met to check out the Costume Institute’s spring 2016 exhibit, Manus x Machina. The show, which examines the contested intersection of handmade and machine-made, as well as haute couture and ready-to-wear, fashions made me wish I was famous, could attend the Met Gala, had reasons to regularly wear blue-sequined gowns, etc. You catch my drift.

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As usual, I’ve also found myself in the kitchen, where I’ve made super simple staples that take minimal time, but pack maximum flavor (and health benefits). Winners included the homemade hummus and fruit + nut granola featured above.

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And when the concrete jungle has felt a little claustrophobic, I’ve spent time elsewhere. Pictured above is my favorite hiking trail in Connecticut, where the lush woods makes me feel a wee bit calmer than midtown Manhattan. Go figure.

Hope Life Lately is treating you well, too. Check back soon!


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