vacation recap

it has been far too long since my last post. i’ve come and gone to new york city. i’m back in atlanta again, where the high for tomorrow is projected to be 70 and i am anxiously waiting to debut my bare legs and new suede flats. none of this tights-under-my-jeans and lace-up boots-with-two-pairs-of-socks business anymore. i’d say the tree outside my dorm fully agrees:

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but enough of that. i want to share some bits from my week at home that are ย far more enticing than weather talk. here are just a few of the highlights from my spring break. it may not have been cancun, but i was more than happy with my new york city days, as always.

with best friends visiting from LA, i had to stuff them with some of the yummiest bites i could find. naturally we started at smorgasburg, in williamsburg, a food market that offers some incredible options from its 50 vendors. the choices are endless and each leaves you feeling equally euphoric. it turned out that we were in the mood for asian food that saturday morning. our picks?

crispy grilled corn and rice balls.

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brown rice bowls stocked with chicken, caramelized onions, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs in a sweet sauce.

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and pork buns (excuse the impatient baby bite taken from the corner).

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i had to snap a shot of these passionfruit/cocoa nib donuts in passing. we were too full to taste and saving room for our upcoming meal splurge, but i decided that yellowy drippy glaze deserved a photo.

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next was a birthday dinner celebration for one of my beloved visitors at beauty and essex, where even a sunday night reservation comes with a wait at the bar. the accommodations were as flashy and enticing as always.

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and the food was (mostly) on point. my favorites included this kale/apple/pancetta/goat cheese salad…

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along with the tomato soup spoonfuls with grilled cheese dumplings and the pulled chicken tamales (both pictured below). our other small plates included a slightly boring octopus salad, fried lobster tacos, and creamy green pea risotto.

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once my visitors departed, ย i was left to do some of my favorite me-time activities, like walking along the hudson river at dusk.

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i also managed a cultural outing with my mama: a trip to the whitney museum’s biennial show.


and, finally, whipped up some lighter homemade fare. one of my favorites? this salad, made from whatever i could find inside my refrigerator: greens with avocado, apple, carrots, cashews, and homemade zucchini patties on the side.

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all my favorites accounted for.

memorable moments

it has been far too long since my last post. a trip to miami to savor my last few days of break had me distracted–and by that i mean parked next to a pool with little regard for anything but the sunshine.

before that, though, i spent an arctic three weeks at home, in new york. here is a recap in classic fashion of some of my coziest, happiest moments from those chilly days.

a still life of sorts: coffee, glasses, watercolors, and blurry newspapers atop a beautiful marble counter at the stunning downtown eatery, lafayette. my friend and i only stopped in at the coffee bar, but i plan to return for a full meal as soon as humanly possible.

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an urban scene out the lafayette window, where we sat and chatted until our presence became questionable. so what if we spent $2.50 and stayed for three hours?


a moving (pun intended) exhibition in the media gallery at the MOMA. a mildly painful reminder of warmer and calmer surroundings, but beautiful nonetheless.

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the ultimate comfort meal cooked by my best friend on new year’s eve: bacon macaroni and cheese, crispy on the outside and oozing on the inside. string beans with toasted almonds. honeyed carrots. oh, and champagne. definitely champagne.

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then the snow took over and made me do this…

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park myself next to the tree, in front of the fire, under a blanket, with netflix.

once the snow cleared, i made sure to venture out for a few treats…

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like these fluffy cornmeal pancakes at tipsy parson.ย 

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and the juiciest tuna burger at orsay.


but don’t worry, i made an attempt at balance, ordering meals like the one above, a chopped salad with tofu from spring natural kitchen.

of course the days zipped by and i am now left to post from the comfort (ha) of a cubby in the library at school.

here’s to memories of the wonders of home.

roundup of recents.

i’ll never understand how quickly time flies during the holidays. it seems i blinked and christmas was over, only to leave me scrambling for new years eve plans, as usual. with the days zooming past, ideas for posts tend to fall to the wayside. so, without a full blown recipe or link love post in sight, i offer you a tiny roundup of photos i snapped this week.


the most delicious bouillabaisse made by my beautiful mother for a perfect christmas eve dinner. the tomato-based broth flavored with fennel and orange peels and filled with succulent seafood, including clams, mussels, shrimp, and cod only got richer with time. i finished the leftovers last night and was struck by the dish’s exquisite flavors; days later, it was even more delightful.


nine spices, later combined and mixed with chickpeas, which were roasted for a healthy, crunchy snack. check back for the full recipe and more photos, coming soon.


a quick stop at the metropolitan museum of art, where a friend and i saw the jewels by JAR exhibit. sparkles for days. i unfortunately lack twinkling pictures of the jewels, as cameras were not allowed and the met museum guards take their jobs quite seriously…


molasses cookies i baked to add to my family’s christmas day dessert offerings, which included cranberry upside down cake, pecan pie, and walnut brownies.

with the endless cooking and eating and eating and eating these past few days, it is time to get back on track, literally: finishing this post means moving on to my next activity for this chilly saturday–a bundled run on the nearby track.

wishing all a restful weekend.