Summer Wrap Up

Last time I posted about the summer’s goings-ons, it was late June and the warm days ahead seemed abundant. Now, at the start of September, magical summer nights seem to be dwindling and talk of autumn is slowly creeping up. Fall is certainly feeling close by, if not because the sun setting earlier, then definitely because pumpkin-flavored recipes are already cropping up on my Instagram feed…

Before it’s too late, I’m looking back at some of my favorite moments from the past few months. Scroll with me?

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Pictured: side dishes from a summer dinner eaten — where else? — outdoors.

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A from-where-I-stand moment. As seen from a terrace with a terrific view on the Upper East Side.

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A Sunday well spent at Aurora, in Williamsburg. Special thanks to this Aperol spritz.

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An early morning scene, captured pre-Pilates class.

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The envy-inducing interior at Indochine. Why can’t my apartment look like this?

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A mid-week ladies night at Tacombi.

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Taken on an evening walk in the ‘hood.

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Summer essentials. That’s all.

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TFW you are the only people at the beach. Sorta kinda magical.

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An early, rainy morning in Chinatown.

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Dusk enveloping a beach club in Long Island, seemingly frozen in time.

Until next time, summer. For now, I’ll happily fall into autumn.

Summer in Full Swing.

Summer is starting to feel like it’s in full effect around here and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately my follow-through to post on here has suffered because of it. Nevertheless, I’m back after an unusually long respite for me (13 whole days). Here are some of my favorite summer scenes so far.

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A recent evening spent at Rockaway Beach for a work event made me feel like I was California Dreamin’ a little bit. More pics to come soon — because the night deserves more than just a minor mention — but spoiler alert I SUP’ed (aka stand up paddle board-ed), then sipped on watermelon margs. ‘Twas magical.

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An oh-so appropriate meal for when you have Monday off: lobsta rolls enjoyed al fresco on Memorial Day Weekend.

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A.M. walks along the Hudson River are my thing. This one made me feel like I was by the bay, rather than the West Side Highway.

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Tom Collins-ing my way through a Saturday evening outdoors.

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My mother saw this photo and asked me where in Europe it was taken. I told her it was about 15 blocks from where we live in NYC. You learn something new every day.

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I was so taken with these radishes that I somehow dropped 40$ on the street while I paid for them. By the time I realized and returned to the stand, the cash was gone. It was a really sad day. The end.

Thanks for the memories May // June. More summer moments to come soon.

Year in Review.

So everyone’s rehashing 2014 and I’m starting to feel left out. I think it’s only fair that I too take a second to reflect on the past 365 days. Because one of my resolutions is to be more positive (+) this year, I’m harking back to some of my happiest moments from 2014. Who’s in?

stone barns

A personal tour of Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture from a friend who worked at the nonprofit farm and education center during the summer.

mohonk mountain house

Breezy summer afternoons spent in rocking chairs at Mohonk Mountain House.

w south beach

Escaping frosty New York temps for sunset runs along the boardwalk in Miami last winter.

east river ferry nyc

Playing tourist on the East River Ferry post-Grimaldi’s pizza party with my cousins.

midtown nyc

Emerging from a hot yoga class to stop in my tracks and appreciate the cityscape one summer evening.

weekend style

Settling into comfy clothes for a Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn.

eat clean

Eating the rainbow.

blast 900 atlanta

Sweating it out at Blast 900 in Buckhead, Atlanta.

the meatball shop

Sipping sangria after one of the hardest weeks of the year.

healthy breakfast

Breakfasting like a champ…

smoothie bowl


healthy beakfast

…and again.

london calling

And living abroad for three months. That wasn’t half bad, I guess.

the eye london

From London


…to Prague

kew gardens

…to Cambridge

gaudi barcelona

…to Barcelona

amsterdam appreciations

…and Amsterdam.

Not to mention all the eats in between (some healthier than others).

notes london

EAT london

carluccio's london

borough market

loving hut prague

timberyard london

hampstead heath

the grilling greek food truck

blend and press london

flax & kale

tom's deli somerset house

And so I’ll start 2015 well-traveled, with a satisfied belly, and the deepest sense of utter gratitude at my core.

Endless thank you’s go to those who were there for these miraculous moments, as well as the less miraculous ones.


life lately (6).

my daily life has come to a slight pause of late. one by one, friends have left to return to far-away schools for their fall semesters and i (last but not least…?) remain at home, waiting for my own to begin. i blame the u.k. for my lonesome state; that is, i’m set to study in london for the fall and am scheduled to begin my courses there far later than i would here, in the states. i am thus left to wander the city (and pack) on my own until i leave.

here’s a baby sampling of my not-so-exciting life lately.

healthy day

park bench lunch. a shot of a recent pit stop i took in central park to enjoy a healthy homemade lunch (a salad made of romaine / kale / kidney beans / apples / tomatoes / avocado / olive oil and balsamic vinegar). despite it being post-labor day, this day was summer-on-steroids (90 degrees, shorts stuck to legs, legs stuck to bench…you get the idea).


pretty posies. like i said, boredom’s been the name of the game lately. i’m consequently taking pictures of anything and everything, including flowers. a lot of them. i liked this one best, though.

frank pepe's pizza

pizza art. when my grandmother turned 80 last year, there was a party on her lawn with a big white tent and champagne. when she turned 81 this weekend, there was a trip to frank pepe’s pizzeria. don’t get me wrong, though — frank pepe’s pies are stellar enough to rival any swanky soiree. the classic pizza joint puts on no airs, and it doesn’t need to. we opted for two large pies – one white clam (they’re famous for it) and another half margherita / half mushroom.


healthy hike. when i woke up the next morning, still full from the pizza feast from the night prior, i knew it was time to move it move it. up a mountain. i stopped — mid-huffing and puffing — to snap this shot on my favorite hike in connecticut’s litchfield county.

i have a feeling my life lately posts will be a bit livelier once i’m settled in london, so check back soon, chaps.

vacation recap.

in the hopes of squashing post-vacation blues, i’m doing a recap of my most recent summer getaway: a one-week stint in provincetown (cape cod, massachusetts), a town my family has returned to for decades.

this time, the view from our rented house looked a little something like this:

provincetown cape cod

we inevitably hated it, along with the rest of our surroundings. i especially detested the shingled houses framed with vines and hydrangeas…


and the sun-speckled bays dotted with wind-blown sea grasses.

provincetown cape cod

ever the morning person, my favorite moments took place in the wee hours, when i woke up with the sun at 6 a.m…

healthy wake up

lazily wandered down the street to my favorite coffee shop…

morning coffee

and then — once appropriately “wired” — returned home for a bit of stretching and yoga (bedside, of course) before breakfast.

morning stretches

cinnamon heart to heart cereal with toasted pecans, sliced bananas, almond milk, and extra cinnamon for me; 0% plain fage greek yogurt with sliced bananas, toasted pecans, and honey for a friend:

healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast

other favorite moments — those that happened at normal hours of the day — included a delicious BLT salad at the canteen’s backyard patio…

canteen ptown

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cocktail hour on the deck…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

 hours of beach appreciation…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

beach body

beach time

and countless walks through the quirky town i’ve grown up visiting…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

where parades like this one are standard:

ptown parade

ptown parade IMG_0304

i’ll be dreaming of this special place (raw clams and all)…

raw clams

…until next time.

red boots