What’s Working (Out) For Me

A low key finals schedule had me searching for ways to fill the days at the close of this semester. With high summer temps fast approaching, I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and get up and out for a variety of workouts. Here’s a recap of my favorite recent sweat sessions:

piedmont park

A 3-mile run through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. My favorite route consists of the 1-mile dirt path that wraps around the park’s lake and offers peeks at the city’s skyline between super lush trees.

free yoga atlanta

Yoga at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark, hosted by King of Pops. The event, open to the public and free of charge (!), takes place every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Basically a flawless way to wind down your workday.

blast 900

The ultimate workout, indeed. Remember when I tried Blast 900 last year? I returned for an encore and was (not surprisingly) wiped out once again. The class combines treadmill intervals with strength training for a high intensity session. Be prepared to take a rest day (or three) afterward.

nyc 10k

Some 12 hours after arriving in NYC from ATL, I made my way to Roosevelt Island for a Mother’s Day 10k. I snapped this pic post-race: dripping in sweat and with goodies (free samples of chai-flavored roasted almonds and a superwoman-themed race tee) in hand. Can you say #victory?

hudson river workout

After sitting still for what felt like forever during two days of jury duty service, I needed to get moving. So, I took my bike along the Hudson River for an easy 8-mile ride in the evening, then parked myself on a bench and basked in the sun until it set. *Sigh*

What’s working (out) for you lately?

Life Lately (10).

As classes wind down and summer anticipation winds up, I’m enjoying the last of the not-too-hot ATL / NYC weeks with long runs outside, too much coffee, and the best bagels around. In other words, the essentials.

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atlanta spring

On days when the humidity hasn’t been at 100%, I’ve managed to discover some new spots for weekend workouts. Above are highlights from the Suwanee Greenway trail, a must-try if you’re in the Atlanta area and looking for a prime run / walk destination. Hills make the course challenging, but you’re rewarded with boardwalks, streams, and lush green fields along the way.

union square farmer's market

union square farmer's market

A quick trip to NYC last week had me and a friend sampling dandelion wine and eating a carrot / raisin cookies the size of our faces at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. It was just a little bit magical.

plowshares nyc coffee

nyc bagels

But what would a stint in the city be without good coffee and better bagels? I stopped to smell the roses (and by roses I mean freshly roasted coffee beans and the doughiest dough) at two of my neighborhood favorites: Plowshares (for coffee) and Absolute Bagels, which I promise is well worth the wait on a line that snakes down the block on weekend mornings.

nike just do it

Now it’s back in the ATL for the home stretch of the school year plus a whole lotta finals. I’m taking a play from Nike’s book and Just Doing It.

How’s your Life Lately?

New York (Real Quick).

So I’m back home for a hot second, trying to relax after a flight mishap, get pesky school work done, have some kind of fun, and lock down a summer job. All at the same time.

Attempt#1 at relaxation: a trip to the newly opened Yoga To The People on the Upper West Side. The space is a dream come true of sorts. As open and naturally-lit as one could hope for, the brand spanking new studio proved a perfect oasis for me on a recent Sunday evening. Power Vinyasa party, anyone?

yoga to the people nyc

All chaturanga-ed out, I made my way downtown for a job interview, followed by some Meatpacking perusing. I wandered my way into Gansevoort Market, where I surveyed the vendors with wide eyes and some serious salivation.

gansevoort market nyc

gansevoort market nyc

Other NYC eats included this brilliantly balanced plate from a new neighborhood find, Arco Café. Crispy salmon filet atop cooked kale and a silky beet purée.

healthy food nyc

Despite my barely five full days in New York, I managed to sneak up to Connecticut for 24 hours, where I layered up and managed a winter workout, only shivering slightly as I trekked through untouched snow, past views like this one:

winter whites

So, yesterday in Connecticut, today in New York, and tomorrow in Miami. I guess I like to move it move it.

Life Lately (9).

It’s March, and I’m confused about it. Who’s with me? Time has been flying lately, and posting has proven more challenging than usual. As always, though, I’ve been eating yummy, exercising often, pretending I know the cool places to go to in Atlanta, and taking photos along the way. Documentation for your viewing purposes, below.

octane coffee atl

More coffee, always. The bar above belongs to Octane Coffee. Though the café has multiple locations throughout the city, this one lives in the lobby of Atlanta Tech Village, a building that houses up and coming tech companies in a swanky Buckhead building that makes you feel like you’re in Silicon Valley. Cue the tall, skinny, and bearded twenty-somethings ordering flat whites, am I right?

piedmont park atl

Once appropriately caffeinated, I’ve been heading to Piedmont Park on Saturday mornings to run in circles for a few miles with a friend who’s training for a half marathon. While I’m certainly not training for a half marathon, I’ve become inspired to run for longer than, say, 12 minutes. So there’s that. Proud mama moment: I hit my seven mile goal this weekend. Then I slumped on a bench to take this photo and didn’t move for another 40 minutes. It’s all about balance.

the optimist atl

the optimist atl

But what’s a workout without a refuel? My weekends have been packed with some majorly memorable eats, as well.

Above: Snapshots of The Optimist’s impressive interior (light-up bar, ceiling beams, and all). Not pictured are the butteriest-ever buns we devoured along with grilled octopus with miso yogurt, swordfish studded with sweet potato cubes and bacon lardons, scallops, and broccoli baked with parmesan and bread crumbs. Oh, and some hush puppies for good measure.

Below: More snapshots. This time, from a Sunday evening visit to Krog Street Market, an indoor retail space housed in an updated 1920s warehouse that’s packed with bars, restaurants, and quality quick-bite stalls. (For my New Yorkers who like to eat, Krog is reminiscent of a Gotham West Market or Hudson Eats-type venue.) Though the options were plentiful, I opted for Yalla — a contemporary, make-your-own Middle Eastern stand — as my meal of choice. I stuffed laffa (a bubbly flat bread typically used for street food) with a whole lot of the mix-ins on offer, including chicken shawarma, pickles, hummus, yogurt, Israeli salad, pickled carrots, and charred broccoli. Put simply, it was a Middle Eastern burrito the size of a newborn baby.

krog street market

krog street market

yalla krog street market

yalla krog street market

Check back soon for more of Life Lately, as I head back to the homeland (NYC) and make a quick pitstop in Miami!